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The Optics field is all about harnessing the power of light.

Lenses are meticulously crafted to capture and direct that light, which is essential for so much of the technology we use every day.

Optics are in our pockets, in our driveways, in our farthest-reaching telescopes, and that’s just today.

Where will Optics take us tomorrow? Jump into the field and help decide.

Optics are

A Star is Born. NASA’s James Webb

Telescope uses Optics.

Platinum your career. Video game and

hand-eye-coordination skills translate

well into an Optics career.

How many technologies does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one. Optics makes LEDs possible.

Without Optics, your favorite subreddit about /r/DogsWearingWigs wouldn’t exist. Yep, the Internet itself is powered by Optics, specifically Fiber Optics.

Are you afraid of the dark? Apache Helicopter pilots aren’t thanks to night vision sensors powered by Optics. These helicopters have over 300+ Optics!

“Did you find everything OK?” Scanners at grocery store check-out lines rely on Optics to function.

ME-WOW. That laser pointer you use to entertain your cat is powered by Optics.

Optics 1, Germs 0. Optics tech powers automatic faucets, touchless towel dispensers, and self-flushing toilets.

The Future is Optics.

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