Optics Technology at Valencia College

Every day companies are looking to hire Optics Technicians. That means students in the Valencia College Precision Optics, Photonics, and Fiber Optics Technician training course have a pretty sweet advantage — direct access to a growing and invigorating career path. This 15-week course offered as an Accelerated Skills Training program provides the hands-on training needed to enter the optics manufacturing workforce with entry-level experience, lab safety training, and the knowledge to qualify for industry-recognized certifications.

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About optics

What are Optics?

Optics are everywhere. Optics Technicians create precise components — primarily lenses fashioned out of blocks of glass — that are used in a wide array of devices, from scopes used in medical devices, to night-vision goggles worn by soldiers, to the mirrors used in NASA’s James Webb telescope transmitting images from outer space. There are many opportunities to make an impact in the Optics industry.

Real People, Real Stories

“It’s interesting to see how light works with itself. It’s visually appealing.”

— Felicity, Optics Technician

Felicity first fell in love with the Optics program in high school. She’s a young mother, who appreciated the program’s flexibility and used her art background, and experience in ceramics and jewelry making, to strengthen her creativity and hand-eye coordination.

“I wish I had known about Optics sooner. I would have gone into it right away.”

— Alex, Optics student

Alex previously studied astrophysics at a community college, and got into Optics by working as an assembler at a consumer electronics company. His boss encouraged him to go back to school because he was good at problem-solving.

“Fiber optics instantly grabbed me.”

— Candace, Optics Apprentice

Candace came into the industry with a background in jewelry making and befriended a woman working in Optics, who encouraged her to join the field. She currently works in polishing, where she smooths lenses, mirrors, windows, and the ends of Optical fibers to optimize their shape and surface quality.

“This is not something I imagined I would be doing. It’s not only rewarding but interesting and fun.”

— John, Optical Engineer

John didn’t know anything about Optics until he started working in a lab at his high school. After graduating in 2019, he entered the workforce full-time at a company that makes custom Optics components. He especially loves the bonuses and perks as he was able to purchase his dream car recently!


Valencia College Program Overview

Students who complete the course enter the workforce fully prepared with valuable skills and knowledge including:

  • Understanding the optical fabrication processes for producing lenses
  • Ability to correctly assemble and handle a variety of optic components
  • Understanding how to safely work with lasers in a testing environment
  • Ability to work with fiber optic connections and sub-assemblies
  • Ability to work safely in a lab environment

Students benefit from these aspects of the program:

Access to financial assistance to cover tuition and fees

Gaining the essential workplace skills of resume writing, interviewing skills, and financial literacy

Career Placement assistance to move directly into the optics, photonics, and fiber optics manufacturing workforce

Industry-recognized certifications that count towards job advancement and career growth

Ready to enter the workforce at a competitive wage in as little as 15 weeks

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